Meet the Calendar Girls

Louise Oliver

Louise started networking for her new business in the summer of 2017.  She wasn’t a stranger to it but it had been a while, think back to the days of stuffy, suited and booted, having a business card shoved in your face experiences.

After going to her first event, she realised times had changed.  There’s a strong community of supportive business people, all in the same boat, wanting to make connections and gaining business is a happy by product.  With a renewed appreciation for networking, she set about going to as many events as possible.   The only problem, where do you find out about the right events? Yes, you can trawl through countless websites advertising events and siphon off the networking ones but this takes time.

As a super organised and motivated person, she created a personal calendar to easily keep track of everything.   The calendar piqued a lot of interest when discussed at networking.  As the caring type, she happily shared it out, earning the nickname “The Calendar girl”.  Realising that people wanted what she needed when she started networking the idea for this website “Your Calendar Girl” was born.

Louise runs her own business as a SmartPA, along with her business partner and lifelong associate (or sister) Rachel.  With lots of experience setting up and running a business in the past, she is passionate about helping business owners achieve their goals.  She understands the issues they face and how anything that can save time is a bonus.  She was runner-up in the “Best PA Newcomer” category at the Scottish PA Awards 2018.

Louise is mum to an adorable wee boy and this has also helped her recognise the importance of a work life balance. She’s a history nerd currently into Genealogy, avid reader and learner who hates ice-cream unless it’s from Mary’s Milk Bar.

Rachel Anderson

Rachel has been a member of various Meetup groups for many years to expand her network, stay active and for personal development. Her business networking journey began in February 2018 after teaming up with her sister as business and SmartPA partner.

With a background in drama and theatre, surely Rachel doesn’t get stage fright! She found that beginning to network in a professional capacity seemed a lot more daunting than in a social capacity. After the first few, Rachel realised how enjoyable it is to build relationships with so many interesting and diverse business owners.

If you find yourself arriving at a networking event on your own and Rachel is there, you won’t be on your own for long!

All the jobs and businesses Rachel has been involved with have required exceptional customer service skills. Being a kind, compassionate and empathetic soul, Rachel excels in this environment and wants to help other business owners find the right events without wasting precious time.

Rachel’s passion is writing – using this skill to create beautiful content for her clients and her business and hopes to be a bestselling author one day.

Louise and Rachel caught the networking bug to the extent they now run their own monthly event.  “Success in the City: Scotland” a group designed to support and motivate woman in business (sorry lads nothing personal).  This further highlighted the need for “Your Calendar Girl” They wanted to create not only a place to find events quickly but a proper community for anything networking related.