How to network in-between networking events by Dane Thomson

When it comes to networking, most people associate it solely with events.

While networking takes place at events (both in person and online), events are only the beginning of your networking story.

The real networking, the real building of relationships takes place in-between the events.

Those real conversations of “I’m really struggling with…” “Do you know anyone who can help me with…?” “What was the name of…” are all networking. These conversations are the glue that holds your professional relationship together.

How each of us network is unique to our own personality, preference and goals for doing it.

You may be reading this thinking ‘Okay, Dane… how do I network in-between networking events, then?’

Having networked in Edinburgh for over 6 years now, I am lucky to have built an amazingly talented network from all walks of life. They have all played a part in the success of my career in their own special way.

I see the networking in-between events as a 3-step process…

Here are my top 3 networking ‘How to network in-between networking events’ tips

Step 1

Send a ‘How are you?’ message with NO sales pitch (Yes! You read that right!). If you start your message with a sales pitch, this will instantly repel your new (ish) connection…

Step 2

Arrange an informal 1-1 catch up for a coffee. The best conversations happen over a coffee (or hot drink of your choice!)

Step 3

Keep in touch! Why not follow them on social media? Why not drop them an email every couple of months to see how they’re doing? Why not invite them to an event you’re hosting?

By taking these 3 steps, your professional relationship will develop naturally and as a result, the opportunities to arise will be endless!

Networking on social media and in person is a huge part of both my personality and business growth strategy for Streets Ahead Social.

I’m a big fan of a simple ‘How are you?’ message in business.

When was the last time you sent a ‘How are you?’ message?


About the Author

Dane Thomson

Dane is social media consultant with over 6 years professional PR, Marketing, Social Media and Networking experience.

He has run successful social media campaigns for award-winning bid specialists, AM Bid, Scotland’s highest ranked university, Queen Margaret University and national mental health charity, Support in Mind Scotland.

Dane launched Streets Ahead Social in December 2017 on the back of an award-winning social media campaign for Support in Mind Scotland and has worked with over 20 (and growing!) clients to date including: Thomson Print and Packaging, Midlothian and East Lothian Chamber of Commerce, Bright Green Business, AM Bid, GL Therapy and many more.

Streets Ahead Social exists to teach SMEs like yours how to use and build relationships with the clients you want using social media.

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