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When I started my coaching business 4 years ago, I realised that I would need to network. My first experiences of networking were all the same; rooms full of stuffy, arrogant men in suits, usually without a woman in sight. I used to dread networking events and had visions of rooms full of car salesmen. As a budding entrepreneur I went to a lot of networking events, but they weren’t attracting the people I needed to meet and connect with.

I remember sitting in my small dark optometry practice room one Friday afternoon contemplating the too often encounters with ‘dodgy salesman’ types – I wondered if I would ever find fun, relaxed, supportive networking events.  Later that evening I realised that these events didn’t exist in Edinburgh and so, with a glass of Rioja in hand, WiNE was born. Women in Networking Edinburgh was going to be a place for like-minded women who were interested in supporting and encouraging each other. So, I put down my glass, picked up my pen and started frantically scribbling notes in my journal – describing my idea of a perfect networking event. That was over three years ago and my little networking idea has grown into two main events in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

WiNE is a supportive and collaborative event for ambitious women of all ages and backgrounds; it is designed to feel relaxed and welcoming. Its non-salesy style attracts women who are new to business, those well versed with networking and even women/mums returning to work or setting up their own businesses. The main purpose of creating this community of amazing women was to build a robust support network, not just online, but in person. WiNE meets on the third Wednesday of every month.

The monthly face to face meet-ups have been a great success which creates a space to help empower, support and collaborate with ambitious like-minded women. It is inspiring to see so many great women out there raising the bar and killing it! Combined on FB between Edinburgh and Glasgow FB and the meet-up group, there are more than 2000 inspiring ladies within the groups and growing.

I have also just launched a members only community – https://www.netwomen.co/ with a special introductory price available until 1st March 2019. The benefits include:

  • Access to all 12 events throughout the year and a special members only event.
  • Discounted tickets to the paid events.
  • Half price training and workshop events.
  • Free training days and mastermind groups.
  • Exclusive discounts, courtesy of our ambassadors.
  • The opportunity to become a WiNE/WiNG ambassador.

About the author

My coaching business is Mindset by Pinky, empowering people (especially mums) with my mindset consulting comes down to how lonely and under confident I felt when I started my entrepreneurial journey and how difficult it is being a mum, chef, housekeeper, PA, and much more! I decided to help women who are in a similar situation because I get it. I was there once too. Motherhood is a happy yet difficult time for many ambitious women for many reasons. Mainly because you don’t know what to expect and you are in unfamiliar territory. All of us, no matter how experienced or accomplished we may be, have fears that can hold us back. It’s part of our shared humanity. I empower and coach women through that experience, to feel more confident about themselves, to struggle less. True inner confidence is about really loving yourself and feeling great about who you are and everything will fall into place. No matter where you are now, there is always another level to reach, and to raise the bar you need to stay laser focused on your objectives, whether those goals are career, business or personal. The best thing about making mindset changes is that it is quick easy and painless. By making small simple steps but the benefits are huge and life changing.

I help women create your killer mindset to be more successful and confident in life. My passion is to help as many people as possible become more confident and create an impact. I am on a mission. And my why is my family, my beautiful son. I feel like I finally have a purpose in my life, it only took 40 years but I am so grateful to be here and doing what I am passionate about.

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